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David Charnot

David Charnot

Investment Advisor Representative/Managing Partner

Dave Charnot founded Strategize Wealth Management Group in 2015 to accomplish two major goals: To provide a financial service that would allow anyone to achieve personal financial independence AND to provide a network for financial advisors and consultants to work within, that would raise the quality of financial planning services to an unparalleled level in the industry.

Dave has been serving investment and insurance clients as their agent/advisor since 2001, and has sat as the Senior Advisor in his Branch Offices since 2004. He believes his elite-level experience has been achieved as a result of managing money during these extremely volatile and challenging years. The name STRATEGIZE is the byproduct of his very specific and unique techniques to make profits for his clients during these turbulent times.

Dave's experience and diverse knowledge of personal investment strategy, product selection, personal income tax law, market volatility, and personal risk tolerance allow him to provide all of his clients the best possible analysis and solutions-based planning.

Dave's attention to detail, good listening skills and great empathy are often cited by his clients as his most attractive qualities. He would tell you he is a "gym rat" when it comes to financial planning. He is constantly working on bettering his knowledge for the benefit of the families he serves.

Dave is effectively supported by a back office team at HDVEST of over 100 specialists to assist in providing the highest quality of service to his clients. In addition, he also works in great cooperation with investment-product specialists who assist him in finding the best products in the industry for each client's unique situation, thus providing the highest level of customization a client could achieve.

Dave holds an MBA in Business Administration and an under-grad degree in Criminal Justice with significant study in Psychology. He believes his academic achievements (graduating Cum Laude) have provided a great foundation for his advanced studies in money management giving him both the knowledge of information and the wisdom of ethics.

Dave is a licensed producer of life, health, and long-term-care insurance in 5 states. His opinion of insurance is: When we need something insured, the policy should be the highest of quality at the most reasonable price. No Exceptions. Insurance is a necessary evil, and the expense should be mitigated as much as possible, while being in perfect alignment with the risk being transferred.

Dave holds his series 6, 7, 26, 63, and 65 securities' registrations in 22 states. Dave believes investment advice can only be genuine and effective if a person's tax status is completely evaluated prior to first deposit. In order for a person to receive proper advice long-term, he or she must have his or her goals and tax status continuously monitored in relation to ever-changing tax laws.

One of Dave's strongest opinions on investing is: The specific securities selected in a person's portfolio will be the reason they either become financially independent or not... He believes the biggest problem in America today is that most people do not know how to invest, and many that do invest money, do not have an effective means of selecting their individual holdings in their personal investment accounts, 401k's, or college plans. This will result in most people never reaching their goals. Most people will work for 40 years, save some money, and never accumulate enough to be comfortable; But, if they simply had chosen the correct securities, in the correct tax shelters, they could have become millionaires with the same dollars.

This is the passion of Dave's career and the Mission of his company: Strategize Wealth Management Group!

Dave is happily married to his lovely wife Christina of over 20 years, and has 1 beautiful daughter and 2 sons. Away from the business, he enjoys coaching people, working out with his children, and spending quality time with family and friends.