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John DeMarco

John DeMarco

Investment Advisor Representative/Managing Partner

Clients are always surprised at the simplicity of my financial plans. In my experience, the real challenge lies in seeing the big picture and analyzing all the working parts. By delivering an approachable plan, I help my clients clarify the path to their goals.

I feel lucky to do this work; I get to help people from all walks of life who are looking to do well in the present and future.

I help young professionals balance their long-term goals with their day-to-day choices. I help mature couples confirm that their diligence has paid off and they’re ready to retire. I help others to explore the ramifications of major decisions like a career change or a home purchase.

Early in my career as an entrepreneur, I owned several businesses from a meat processing plant to a family sports bar and restaurant, but throughout, I had always had an interest in investments and in early 2000 I decided to pursue that passion.

As I was completing my studies and testing, I can still remember some friends confessing, “I want to start saving for tomorrow. I think I want to open an IRA -whatever that is - or I wish there was a way to get out of this debt my wife and I have racked up.

As an entrepreneur, I am responsible for getting through unfamiliar territory, managing risk, and working together with partners. In many ways, this still describes my work, but instead of scrutinizing product delivery schedules or menu changes, I’m analyzing cash flows, budgets and the economic climate.

It’s tremendously fulfilling to help my clients make good decisions for their goals and circumstances. I also have an incredibly rewarding role as volunteer host of Financial Peace University at my church for the last 10 years, as well as counseling "about to be married" couples on merging finances successfully and most recently, helping single parents navigate through the challenges that divorce or death of a spouse can bring. I know I’m successful when money becomes a positive influence in their lives and in the world.

If you could use a financial guide, contact me today for an initial no-cost, no-obligation ‘get acquainted’ meeting.